thanks Tony Robbins but..

I heard a Tony Robbins audio once where he said in essence that people “do” depressed. So if you “do” happy, the corollary is that you are happy, or at least you become so. Of course, this immediately fails the “true for all” test by application to the Third World – people can’t just “do” full, fed and satisfied; they can’t just “do” health. Well, not according to me anyway!

So while the decision of the last post was powerful and did work, I find myself here again. Of course one shouldn’t be so stupid as to think it would be a once off, but well a girl can dream right? On the positive side, it lasted 7 days which is great, I’ll never say no to good days.  So, do I-  TonyRobbins style – just “do” it and make that decision and act it out? Last time I didn’t have the physical and emotional weight I have had the last 2 or 3 days, nor the headaches, irritability and excess sleep which points more to a manic episode than “doing” happiness.

However, do I really have a choice to NOT try? If  it works, and  I owe it to my husband and children to see if I can at least be less irritable and reactionary today, then how can I not try? It’s just the long term good versus the short term gratification. It’s hard work to try and be happy, and seriously right now I would rather go back to bed, put a pillow over my head and ignore the world.


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