this too shall pass…

Apparently this is one of King Solomon’s gems, a person I am liking more and more.  Other than empathising, I haven’t paid a lot of attention to the fact that perhaps he had depression and may hold some things I could use, given that he was supposed to be incredibly wise!

It’s a two headed sword, contemplating the shortness of life. By reflecting that all the trials and tribulations of life are short lived, that no suffering on this earth will go on forever, one could gain strength to carry on, hope that things will change. However, if nothing negative lasts forever, it also means that nothing good will last either.  In the depths of my darkest depression, I actually hated a slightly more up day, a moment of happiness as I was all too aware that it wouldn’t last and that I would again be plunged into the depths of despair.  In order to motivate myself to use this life, I prefer to think  along the lines of “our days are but as grass”. It grows, it dies.  For some reason, I find that a lot less pressure to BE someone. Anything positive I do, or any great legacy I leave is an added bonus – after all I’m just a piece of grass.

WHERE did THAT come from?

Psalm 105:15; friends turning 40; friends with cancer; KU podcasts/sermons; satisfied discontentment; trying to get a bigger picture.


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